Meet Indu Tolia: The Force Behind Telepresenz®

1. What is your Role in CARE4D? 

Indu Tolia: I am CEO and Founder of CARE4D – we create products and solutions that empower businesses to succeed by harnessing the power of augmented reality to create a connected workforce. Simply put, we believe that when workers have access to the right information and guidance when they need it, there are no delays, fewer errors, and much better utilization of resources. My role primarily focuses on the three ‘P’s for our company – people, product and process. Hiring and managing the right talent that fit in with our company culture and mission, defining company strategy and setting clear direction and vision for the product, and creating the right processes that allow our business to scale. 

2. What is Telepresenz®? 

Telepresenz® is CARE4D’s remote mentor platform that allows workers to quickly access real-time guidance and digital step by step work instructions, to help in faster diagnosis and resolution of critical issues as they occur. A remote mentor who is a subject matter expert with domain expertise, can use the platform to remotely mentor and monitor other team members without necessarily having to travel to each job site to provide assistance. 

3. What are the benefits of Telepresenz®? 

While the huge cost saving with reduction of travel is one of the key benefits, there are several others that can affect a company’s bottom line. Improved worker productivity, improved service, improved worker safety, shorter training timelines for new workers, higher first time fix rates, and reduced truck rolls are some of the other significant benefits of using the Telepresenz® remote mentor platform! 

4. What industries does Telepresenz® support? 

We have customers using Telepresenz® in various verticals which include Utilities, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Field Services. We are also HIPAA compliant and exploring opportunities in Healthcare. The fundamental concept of having access to SMEs for real-time assistance and being able to remotely mentor these workers, transcends many different industry verticals. 

5. What platforms is Telepresenz® compatible with? 

Telepresenz® is a SaaS platform supporting customers globally. We are device agnostic and supported on browsers, commercial and ruggedized phones, tablets as well on smart glasses for completely handsfree operations. 

6. What are the features of Telepresenz®? 

Telepresenz® offers a range of features while providing remote assistance including the ability monitor multiple workers, annotate on live video and still pictures, sharing documents (and other files such schematics, images, videos, 3D models), text messaging, inviting guest users to participate in a call, and many more. In highlighting the some of the key capabilities of the platform, Telepresenz® is device agnostic, offers offline features for areas with no internet

connectivity, bandwidth adaptive streaming for areas with limited network connectivity, multi-party conference calling, ability to connect with industrial IoT data sources, integration with existing systems and infrastructure, highly secure encrypted media and data, on-premise deployment options, integrated workflow for creating, assigning and monitoring jobs with detailed reports, and support for external cameras. We also customize solutions based on customer needs which include additional computer vision capabilities, predictive analytics, AI/ML, reporting, etc. 

7. How is Telepresenz® priced? 

Telepresenz® is aggressively priced with clear published pricing plans starting at $20/month/user. Customers can pick a plan that works best on the basis of the features that will help their business. We have usage-based plans that are online on our website for easy subscription and automated account set-up. For customers that are looking at more advanced capabilities, we offer plans that include premium features and integration/customization opportunities. Scheduling a demonstration of the platform and requesting a trial can also be easily done from our website www.telepresenz.com.

Indu Tolia, Creator & Founder of CARE4D and Telepresenz®, is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with 22+ years experience in technology solutions. Indu Tolia’s resume consists of leading teams of several AR/VR & MR applications. Indu Tolia is proud to help others adapt their businesses to the technology of the future, while being at the forefront of such. For more information about how AR/VR remote mentor solutions can transform your business, contact Indu Tolia >> https://telepresenz.com/

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