Telepresenz® FOR Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Support skilled maintenance experts

Why Use Telepresenz®
for MRO

MRO operations depend on reliable, technology platforms for receiving useful information to help staff during maintenance and repairs. With Telepresenz®, Experts suggest solutions, point out trouble areas, and give helpful advice in real time. Service centers can have long wait times, and they’re not local to most customers. Using Telepresenz® allows these customers to call their service center and do an inspection themselves with the guidance of a skilled service center employee.

You Can Trust

Safer workers, safer outcomes

Faster diagnosis and repair process

Company-wide connection



Reduction in wiring production time


Increase when measuring team performance


Lowered error rates to effectively zero

The many benefits of
Telepresenz® include

Cost Sparing

Reduce the cost of travel and accommodation for your expert.

Save Time

Reduce time-to-deployment
of your most critical functions.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk by reducing errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience.

Enhance capabilities

Enhance your team’s capabilities and improve your service offering.

Highly customizable

Highly customizable and secure, designed for compliance-based industries.