Workers in the aerospace industry have uniquely essential needs for speed, accuracy, and expertise. Technicians need to perform MRO tasks quickly, safely, and with expert inspections to verify fitting and repairs are following critical guidelines. Telepresenz helps aviation professionals do all this and more.

  • Digitized workflow reduces errors and improves speed and accuracy
  • Easier access to expert oversight improves MRO turnaround time
  • Remote inspections allow real-time assistance and technical clarification
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Improve Collaboration Between Experts and Technicians

Aerospace engineers and maintenance supervisors can’t always be on-site at a moment’s notice. Still, they can virtually transport to the hanger with the help of Telepresenz. These experts can quickly assess the mechanical issues and help technicians take action almost immediately using our remote assistance software.


Improved Efficiency


Less Time Wasted


Faster MRO Completion


Less Safety Incidents


Faster Decisions

Remote Assistance

Remote assistance and inspections allow real-time clarification of technical questions through high-quality live streaming, significantly enhancing inspection efficiency and aiding on-time delivery.

Training and Certifications

The Telepresenz software enhances training exercises for the aerospace industry with digital step-by-step work instructions. Our digital workflows increase engagement and reduce trainee onboarding time by 50%.

Connect with Wearable Devices

The Telepresenz platform integrates easily with the top wearable devices, including Realwear, Vuzix, and Rokid Glass. Our software makes their technology practical for the aviation industry and aids collaboration in industry-specific ways like:

Markup directly on user's field-of-view for more direct, intuitive guidance
Admin, monitor & coordinate mobile teams from a control room dashboard
Assign step-by-step tasks, get notified on completion & remote-in to review

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