Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

Power and utility companies are digitizing operations to reduce operational and maintenance costs. With many Linemen and Operation Technicians working in remote locations, connecting them with more experienced Engineers and Supervisors is critical in reducing facility downtime and HSE risks.

  • Digitize workflows and reduce field operational challenges
  • Capture field data to ensure compliance with standards, maintenance logs, and inspections
  • Leverage people capital and virtually transport senior experts to the site
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Cut Down Onsite Visits by 50%+

Experts can’t always be on-site at a moment’s notice, but they can virtually transport to the job site with the help of Telepresenz and smart glass technology. Experts can quickly assess the situation and take action almost immediately, cutting down on-site visits and reducing triage and decision-making time by utilizing our remote assistance software.


Improved Efficiency


Less Time Wasted


Faster Job Completion


Less Safety Incidents


Faster Decisions

Onboarding Just Got 80% Faster

Training and certifying large groups of technicians to handle dangerous, high-voltage situations can be difficult without the right tools. With the Telepresenz Platform, you can observe and capture the performance of 4 to 6 trainees at a time, expediting the training process and improving trainee success while lowering safety incidents in the field.

No WIFI in Rural Areas?

Most job sites are located in remote locations with very little if any, broadband connection. That’s why we created a remote assistance platform that can run on even the smallest amount of broadband connection, connecting technicians where other platforms can’t. Whether you’re servicing a wind farm, substation, or solar farm, you can confidently communicate with remote experts back at home base.

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