Telepresenz® FOR Telemedicine

Boost advanced medical training and services

Why Use Telepresenz®
for Telemedicine

From training of junior doctors and residents to doing complicated surgeries, our solution enhances medical operations with informative resources and interactive training.

Providing specialty expertise to areas where medical staff is scarce can allow local doctors to extend their capabilities and help more patients confidently with the collaboration capabilities of the platform.

You Can Trust

Hands-on learning

Effective knowledge transfer

Improve surgery safety


0 %

Of employers are expected to offer telemedicine by 2020

0 %

Of caregivers satisfied with being able to locate an RN after AR pilot program

0 %

Faster completion of procedures when medical students who were given AR/VR training

0 %

Increase in accuracy for more steps than those in the traditionally trained group

Top Use Cases for
Telepresenz® in Telemedicine

Aid medical teams in training with digital procedures

Emergency and Ambulatory care

Home health

Emergency and Ambulatory care

Home health

The many benefits of
Telepresenz® include

Cost Sparing

Reduce the cost of travel and accommodation for your expert.

Save Time

Reduce time-to-deployment
of your most critical functions.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk by reducing errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience.

Enhance capabilities

Enhance your team’s capabilities and improve your service offering.

Highly customizable

Highly customizable and secure, designed for compliance-based industries.

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