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Increase remote & mobile team productivity by 30%+

SlackTM and Microsoft TeamsTM are great in the office… but not in the field. Telepresenz expands leading collaboration platform capabilities with easy-to-use features designed specifically for the mobile workforce.
Mobile Meetings & Assistance
Conferencing, Collaboration
Tasks & Workflows
Instructions, Coordination
Enterprise Wearables
Enterprise Wearables
HUDs, Virtual Headsets
Augmented Reality
IIoT & PDM Visualization


Usable on most mobile & wearable devices: Android Apple iOS Realwear Vuzix

Easy to deploy & intuitive to use - minimal learning curve
Share/view/overlay documents, images, videos & even 3D models
Markup directly on user's field-of-view for more direct, intuitive guidance
Admin, monitor & coordinate mobile teams from a control room dashboard
Assign step-by-step tasks, get notified on completion & remote-in to review
Improve safety and productivity with hands free devices
Meet compliance requirements and keep your communications secure with enterprise-grade encryption.
Fully Customizable
Customize your deployment to meet your organization’s specific data capture, workflow, reporting, and IT/OT needs.
Easy Integration
Quickly integrate with your existing CMMS, EAM. PDM and ERP systems infrastructure.
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People In The Field

Working in the field means having to account for broad range of changing work conditions and problems. It is a hands-on job requiring full situational awareness and, occasionally, a little extra help from an outside SME.

Available natively on all mobile devices, our platform offers quick access to helpful information and remote experts with hands-free 1-to-1 and 1-to-many video conferencing. Then, turn your work environment into a virtual white board with AR annotation tools. Backed by Telepresenz, you’ll wrap up jobs faster and stay safer.


Faster Job Completions


Less Safety Incidents


Improved Efficiency

People On The Floor

Whether you are on a hi-tech assembly line or doing a refinery turnaround, you need the ability to follow technical instructions and coordinate complex operations with other personnel. Your work in sensitive, or even dangerous, workspaces restricts the safe use of electronic devices.

Telepresenz is a partner of RealWearTM ruggedized and intrinsically safe wearable Head Mounted Devices. This gives you hands-free access to video conferencing, mission-critical data, and digital workflows. Get step-by-step instructions while you work and stay connected with the control room.


Improved Throughput


Faster Onboarding


Improved Efficiency

Remote Experts

As a highly specialized SME your time is valuable and in high-demand, usually under specific, mission critical circumstances. When a problem happens, you need to be as fully engaged onsite as possible. Hampered by technology and under a shrinking time window, you struggle to assess and fix things remotely. That means a lot of false alarms, down-time, and last-minute onsite visits.

Telepresenz transports you to the job-site and empowers you with the tools you need to work with the onsite team, quickly assess the situation, and take action. Cut down on onsite visits by 50%+ and reduce triage and decision-making time by as much as 70%.


Less Site Visits


Faster Decisions


Less Downtime

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