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Telepresenz Offers A New Type of Digital Collaboration

A Space for Technical Professionals to Share Expertise in Real-Time

What does Telepresenz do?

At Telepresenz, we help Experts and Technicians collaborate on projects even from afar. An Expert in one location can give extensive direction to a Technician at another. Only together can they complete complex industry-specific tasks. We bring workers together even when they’re apart.

Telepresenz elevates remote collaboration in a platform built for actual industrial work.

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Our Free Plan is a perfefct no-risk way for two-man teams to digitally collaborate in the field.

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  • Reduce travel costs for experts
  • Reduce time-to-deployment for critical functions
  • Mitigate risk by reducing costly errors
  • Significantly improve your team’s service offering

How Setup Works

Step 1

Sign up with a collaboration partner

On this plan, an Expert and a Technician can collaborate digitally in real-time. You can start by finding a collaboration partner and inputting both of your information to sign up.

Step 2

Receive your login credentials via email

Immediately upon sign up, both you and your collaboration partner will receive an email welcoming you to the application. There are options for both Android and Apple users, as well as a QR code for your collaboration partner to log in easily.

Step 3

Start using the cutting edge software for FREE

Once you and your collaboration partner are both signed into the application, you can start working together at a distance. The Expert can provide detailed direction to the Technician, and can even make real-time drawings and notes on the Technician’s screen or view.

Field, mobile, and remote workers everywhere trust Telepresenz