Bringing the expert to the team

For enterprise companies that work with field teams, Telepresenz® enables remote, real-time access to top-level expertise when you need it most. For mission-critical situations or any scenario that depends on a fast, accurate resolution, there is no better way to connect.

Teams leverage smart glasses and AR toolsets to visualize processes and obtain guidance from experts when needed. From the base station, experts can connect to multiple users at once. It is a convenient, elegant, and cost-effective way to grow and improve upon your service offerings.

For remote field teams

Connecting teams wherever they are

When your teams are located in multiple cities, states, or countries, it isn’t always practical or economical to give them the one-on-one support they need. Telepresenz® helps you overcome these limitations, so no matter how challenging your field environment might be, your teams have access to the expertise they need to get the job done.

Other benefits include:
  • Consistent learning environment: one mentor, many endpoints
  • Cost effective: eliminate or reduce travel costs incurred by bringing experts to field locations
  • Encourage learning: improve technical knowledge for your teams
  • Enable business growth: increase your field teams’ productivity
  • Optimize service offerings: reduce service time and improve accuracy
  • Always available: device-agnostic cloud technology gives you access anywhere, anytime
  • Delight your customers: increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Time-sensitive or critical tasks

Mitigate risk, decrease service delays

Say your service company has several technicians performing a major installation that depends on a confluence of elements in multiple locations. If they hit a critical issue where time is of the essence, the entire project could be at risk, and along with it, the end-users who are depending on you.

Telepresenz® allows them to connect with the experts they need to guide them through the process without causing delays or incurring any undue risks as a result of the job not being completed accurately.

The result? The job is completed safely and on time. Customers are happy, and your field team feels a sense of accomplishment – like they could take on the world. Because they just have.

Healthcare Settings

Access real-time triage and treatment when you need it

Senior doctors, surgeons, or specialists are not always available when patients with critical conditions come into the Emergency Department. Typically, the doctor on-call or a resident is on the floor, and they may not have the expertise or specialized knowledge to make a time-sensitive judgment call that could save a life.

Through Telepresenz®, ER doctors can access a senior doctor or specialist, who can conduct a visual assessment of the patient and collaborate with the care provider to assess the patient’s condition and determine the appropriate course of treatment right away.

Without this option, some patients may suffer unduly or even risk their lives, either being sent home without adequate care or waiting, sometimes days, for a specialist to arrive.

From the patient’s standpoint, having a Telepresenz® connection could make all the difference to their quality of life.

For the ER doctor, it helps them to save time, resolve a situation, and treat more people.

For the health network, it eases the strain on the healthcare system by moving patients through it much more quickly. It makes better use of healthcare funding, reduces waste, and demonstrates a commitment to value and quality from end-to-end.

Manufacturing / Automotive / Construction Industry

Visualize, connect, collaborate

In these industries, there are often several contributors to any building process. When problems come to light, or if an inspection is needed, sometimes it’s necessary to wait days to find a solution.

Telepresenz® enables remote inspections, helping you move past these hurdles quickly so you can get on with the job. It also allows stakeholders to work directly with on-site teams to ensure work is done accurately and efficiently, even if those workers are spread out over several job sites.

Commercial construction also has its fair share of investor/developers who may need to be updated on issues as they arise. Though they may be located in other parts of the world, Telepresenz® can connect them to the on-site team to ensure transparency.

Telepresenz® connecting your world


Reduces costs

Supports scale

Improves service delivery

Reduces risk

Ensures safety

Supports compliance

Increases accuracy

Encourages collaboration

Enables innovation

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