Telepresenz® is an augmented reality solution that connects remote users in the field to the experts in your team, enabling quicker diagnosis and resolution of issues in real-time.

Connect remote users to
mentors experts supervisors in their field

The Telepresenz® platform enables real-time, two-way communication between a base station expert and remote users who could be in any location, anywhere in the world.

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The Telepresenz® base station is accessed via a browser and the software is delivered on smart glasses, allowing for hands-free activity or the use of another mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Learning Without Borders

Imagine the possibilities: being able to provide cutting-edge training to doctors, engineers, or any other highly specialized segment without the restrictions of border, travel or finance. Telepresenz® reduces the costs associated with providing such expertise, making it not only possible but completely viable to work with individuals across the globe.

Train Employees
no learning curve

Improve safety and productivity
with hands free devices

Improve efficiency
with workflow automation

Telepresenz® can replace or enhance your existing training systems, allowing your team to interact with top talent in their field in real-time, using techniques and technologies found in augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) innovations.

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The many benefits of Telepresenz® include:

Cost sparing:
reduce the cost of travel and accommodation for your expert

Mitigate risk
by reducing errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience

Enhance your team’s capabilities
and improve your service offering

Highly customizable and secure
designed for compliance-based industries

Reduce time-to-deployment
of your most critical functions


We invite you to dive in and try our platform risk-free. We believe that we are the absolute best telepresence solution on the market and we are willing to back it up with a guarantee. Once you discover how it is possible to improve operational efficiencies, save costs, and reduce your downtime, we are confident that you will agree.

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