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60 minutes per user per month
2 license max
Live Video Telestration
Share Docs, Images & Videos
Android, iOS Phones & Tablets
Data & Media Encryption
Smart Glass Support
No Credit Card Required
Pro+ (Enterprise)

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Ideal for larger organizations with safety & compliance needs.

Unlimited Monthly Minutes
Digital Workflows
Private Cloud & On-Premise Options
HIPAA Compliance & BAA
Customizable/ White-label
IoT/Software Integrations
Advanced Technical Support
Premium Remote Mentor Features


Server Environment
Monthly Included Minutes
Live Video Streaming
Concurrent Video Feeds from One/Many Users
Telestration Tools on Live Video
Chat/Text Messaging
Send Docs, PDFs, Images, Excel files in realtime
Send Media Files (mp3/mp4) in realtime
Send 3D models in realtime
Remote Capture and Telestrate
Premium remote mentor features
Workflow Solution
Integrations to CRMs/FSMs/IoT Frameworks
Customization of Platform
Dedicated Private Cloud
On-Premise Solutions
Mission Critical Support
Particle element
Upgrade For Hands-Free Connected Workers

Ask Us About RealWear SmartGlass Devices

Realwear devices are hands-free, voice controlled head mounted tablets that are drop proof, waterproof, dust tight and intrinsically safe.

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FAQ - Online Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial

The Free Trial is designed for anyone looking to get started with our world-class in-field remote assistance technology on phones, tablets as well as smart glasses.

No credit card is required to sign up for this plan at this time.

Anyone with any corporate or consumer email address can sign up for the Telepresenz® Free Trial. People who already have a paid Telepresenz® subscription will not have access to sign up for the Free Trial.

This plan is limited to two users only and provides access to Telepresenz® Remote Mentor with features listed in the table above.

Any user that signs up for the Free Trial will be required to fill in details for the two users in the account. Each of the users will receive an email to self-register. Once registered, users will be able to make/receive calls and start using the platform.

Other Plan Questions

If you are looking to try our software, click the Free Trial button above to create an account. If you are looking to subscribe to our Pro/Enterprise Plan, please contact us, and we can assist.

Users can be deleted from any subscription package at any time by the Account Administrator. Deleting a user frees up a license to be used for any additional user for the remainder of the subscription term.

Yes, subscriptions can be canceled at any time however, refunds will not be provided for the remainder of the subscription term. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the purchase for details.

Account deletion is possible after all subscriptions on the account have been canceled. Once an account has been deleted, all data will be lost and cannot be recovered. Refunds will not be provided for the remainder of the subscription term.