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Telepresenz® Platform

Telepresenz Suite of Products connects frontline workers across the world instantly.

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What is the Telepresenz® Platform?

Securely connect to any wearable device, smartphone, or tablet in the field more effectively so you can collaborate, plan, and orchestrate operations no matter where you are to increase productivity by 30%+.

Why the Telepresenz® Platform?

Telepresenz® expands your inspection management platform with easy-to-use features designed specifically for the mobile workforce.

Powerful Features

Easy to deploy and intuitive to use with minimal learning curve
Share, view, and overlay documents, images, videos, and even 3D models
Markup directly on the user’s field-of-view for more direct, intuitive guidance
Admin, monitor, and coordinate mobile teams from a control room dashboard
Assign step-by-step tasks, get notified upon completion, and remote-in to review
Improve safety and productivity with hands free devices

Proven Technology

Secure: Meet compliance requirements and keep your communications secure with enterprise-grade encryption
Fully Customizable: Customize your deployment to meet your organization’s specific data capture, workflow, reporting, and IT/OT needs
Easy Integration: Quickly integrate with your existing CMMS, EAM, PDM, and ERP systems infrastructure

Solve the Challenges You Face Everyday

Cover all your Enterprise IT support needs
A single corporate solution for cross-platform remote connectivity, centralized IT management, and digital-first customer engagement solutions
Instantly have IT support for your team anywhere
Assist employees and customers in real-time with remote IT support
Access your organization’s devices and data instantly
Get secure and stable remote access to PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers, payment terminals, and IoT devices – anytime, anywhere
Digitize Entire Workflows
Connect and automate technical support and floor processes along the entire value chain with augmented reality and wearable solutions that fits your workforce

See how our customers are succeeding with Telepresenz®

Discover how field team members mobile facility workers remote experts/consultants collaborate in the field.

For enterprise companies that work with field teams, Telepresenz® enables remote, real-time access to top-level expertise when you need it most. For mission-critical situations or any scenario that depends on a fast, accurate resolution, there is no better way to connect.

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In all types of industries...

Telepresenz works for a wide range of industries – specializing in workflows for mobile teams and team members in the field.

Oil & Gas
Power & Utility
Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas
Power & Utility
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