Knowledge Capture

Telepresenz® KC

Train smarter, not harder.

With the aging workforce leaving the labor market, leading enterprises are pursuing new ways of providing their frontline workers with critical tribal knowledge to keep them competitive and productive. As products become more complex and customer demands shift, the need to retain and scale key SME knowledge is vital to the industries’ success.

Field-led effortless creation and knowledge sharing across the Enterprise

Capture highly valuable domain and tribal knowledge from your experienced personnel and share it in an organized digital format with other team members. Allow an Expert to seamlessly capture complex processes as it is being done.

Knowledge Capture is voice controlled and documents each step using images and videos that may be collected and attached to each procedure in real time. These reference materials serve as additional resources to train and assist operators while they are executing the same procedures independently.

Capture real-life experiences and integrate them into your knowledge management system to keep your connected workforce ahead of the competition.

Improve Learning Outcomes

Capture and Retain Knowledge:
Easily capture and retain domain knowledge from your most seasoned SMEs reducing the risk to your business.
Increase Workforce Productivity:
Making the best practices of your Experts the standard for all workers will increase the efficiency of your frontline workforce.
Improve Employee Training:
Reduce training time and expense while increasing the safety and agility of the workforce by getting new hires and existing workers up to speed more quickly with in-context guidance.
Facilitate Continuous Improvement:
Critical data/insights collected from the field can be evaluated to identify trends for potential process improvements and to facilitate corrective action.

Seamlessly integrate with most major EAM, ERP, CMMS, AIM & Inspection Software.

Integrations with maintenance management systems and damage inspection tools allow for data to seamlessly flow to and from maintenance technicians in real-time. Benefits range from improved first-time repair rates to being able to make the right business decisions fast and overall enormous cost savings with the ability to turn around your service deliveries rapidly and effectively.