Press Release – Apr 14, 2020


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CARE4D Announces United States Patent and Trademark Approval on Telepresenz®

EDISON, NJ – CARE4D is pleased to announce the grants of USPTO Registration Nos: 6011127 & 6011128 for the Telepresenz® solution. The trademarks include the logo with the word “TELEPRESENZ” stacked on “VIRTUALIZE THE EXPERT”.

The Telepresenz® solution from CARE4D enables your front-line workers to virtualize experts on demand. Utilizing augmented reality headset with remote mentor solution, remote workers can be connected to an expert in any situation.

CEO of Telepresenz®, Indu Tolia, speaks about the new trademark approval for their company. “Registering the Telepresenz trademark with the USPTO will help to further strengthen the branding of our products in the markets we serve. By continuing to establish and validate the Telepresenz brand, we believe we can address the costly and persistent challenges remote teams face today”.

CARE4D’s Telepresenz® solution aids and propels service in the fields of assembly plants, factories, manufacturing, MRO, field service, training, telemedicine, and remote inspection. This thoughtfully designed real-time collaboration product offers solutions and improvements to enterprises’ most important aspects of communication, operations, and problem-solving.

To learn more about the Telepresenz solution from CARE4D and receive a 60-day trial, visit https://telepresenz.com/ or call (732) 440-9453


Indu Tolia, Creator & Founder of CARE4D and Telepresenz®, is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with 22+ years experience in technology solutions. Indu Tolia’s resume consists of leading teams of several AR/VR & MR applications. Indu Tolia is proud to help others adapt their businesses to the technology of the future, while being at the forefront of such. For more information about how AR/VR remote mentor solutions can transform your business, contact Indu Tolia >> https://telepresenz.com/

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