Utilizing Remote Assistance Software to Get More Done

With so many companies needing technology to maintain business continuity, remote assistance software is becoming highly crucial across varied industries.  Throughout the past few months, businesses and customers across the globe have adopted various new technology solutions to help sustain operations.  With the abrupt change to existing practices and continuous updates to standard operating procedures, Telepresenz® remote assistance software provides a solution to addressing real-time problems, from anywhere in the world.


For every company, time is money.  Without using technology that allows for real-time remote assistance, productivity and quality of work are going to decrease.  Technical issues are inevitable, as is human error.  When an engineer or an entire task force struggles with a job, clients will lose satisfaction. Telepresenz® remote assistance software mitigates these struggles by creating a connected workforce for an entire company and decreases problem resolution time by 65%.


Telepresenz® is a technology-centered brand that offers augmented reality tool sets to facilitate clear and direct assistance to your field workers.  Using our remote assistance technology with state-of-the-art AR smart glasses, your in-field teams can get the assistance they require while keeping them safe and hand-free.  The Experts are able to see exactly what the field engineer sees which allows for quicker issue resolution saving time and costs. 


By investing in the Telepresenz® remote assistance software, technology-based stress and confusion are avoidable.  Solutions can be found immediately, and problems can be addressed in a matter of minutes, versus hours.


Remote assistance software is increasingly important to consider for growing companies. With its range of benefits and the constant proof of value it brings, your employees and consumers will be much happier with their user experience.  Open your mind to the possibilities with remote assistance software in your organization.


If your company is looking to get involved with remote assistance software, Telepresenz® can help you get started with a free 2-week trial.  Head to our website to get started, Telepresenz.com.


Indu Tolia, the CEO of Telepresenz states, “CARE4D pledges to support businesses and communities that are affected [by COVID-19] and help in any way we can.”

Indu Tolia, Creator & Founder of CARE4D and Telepresenz®, is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with 22+ years experience in technology solutions. Indu Tolia’s resume consists of leading teams of several AR/VR & MR applications. Indu Tolia is proud to help others adapt their businesses to the technology of the future, while being at the forefront of such. For more information about how AR/VR remote mentor solutions can transform your business, contact Indu Tolia >> https://telepresenz.com/

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